He will wake up a day older

While I am sitting around taking in a little me-time, catching up on some blog reading and Pinterest browsing, I came across this post from Simple Simon And Company with a quote by J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan.

“Young boys should never be sent to bed.
They always wake up a day older.”
– J.M. Barrie

I have started to seriously make some effort to wean Lil Mochi off nursing to sleep at night starting several nights ago. It took him an average of an hour longer to fall asleep. The first two nights were pretty rough, with him crying and begging for nai-nai (nursies) almost continuously. The third night sounded alright when daddy had to put him to bed (because I was out). Then, the next 2 nights, he did not really cry too much, but I gave in after about an hour of him sitting back up repeatedly, not wanting to fall asleep. The fifth night, he even said towards the end, “I can’t do it!”

So for those five nights, he had been going to bed late. Much later than I would have liked. As a result, I believe, he has fallen ill. Since two nights ago, he had a low-grade fever, and last night, his temperature went up. He did not have much appetite at dinner, had a bit of diarrhea and threw up in the middle of the night.

So, I am evaluating if it is worth it to wean him right now. Is he not ready? Can I let him wean at his own pace? Why am I really doing this?

I think about how every day, I see him grow up in front of my eyes. He will say new things or phrases that I do not know he learned. Like the other day, he was imitating somebody (probably daddy) saying “oh man!” He even used it in the right context! I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was SO CUTE!!

I do not want him to grow up too fast. I hope that he has a chance to enjoy his childhood because real life is not all sugar and candies. So, should I leave it to him to let me know when he is ready to grow up? At least in regards to weaning? I am conflicted, mostly because of what people around me will say or have said about this. In any case, he is still waking up a day older every single day, and that is something I cannot change or control. I already miss the days when he was younger. When it is done, I know that I will miss nursing and having him close. In the meantime, I want to treasure each and every moment I get with him.

Share with me: What is your weaning story? Are you going through it or are having difficulties?

How do you get your baby to sleep at 6 months?

Today, I was asked for advice on baby sleep.

I felt surprised and honored, because I do not think I am very “successful” with baby sleep, which is usually defined as baby-falling-asleep-on-his-own-and-parents-get plenty-of-freetime-to-rest/sleep/[insert any other fun activity].

My method is to wait it out*, doing what the baby needs (rocking, nursing, singing, etc) and knowing (and hoping) that it will get better soon. I know that he will eventually learn to sleep independently as he gets older though, so I am not too worried.

My husband was the one relaying the questions to me. The mommy wants to know what we did to get baby to fall asleep at 6 months. They tried CIO, but could not go through with it. (I don’t blame her.) Their 6-month-old is very sensitive to movement, and it takes them about 3 hours before they can place him in his crib.

After answering some of their questions, I thought I’d put together the list of ideas I suggested and share it with other mamas too. These are tried and true tools that I gathered from experience and from input by other mamas in the WIO community.

How do you get your baby to sleep at 6 months?

{ drooling sleeping baby in carrier }

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Baby’s Hungry: A Daddy’s Perspective on Nursing (and Nursing in Public)


I had to share this before I forget. (First shared by WIO mom in the Facebook group.)

Originally posted on The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies:

by Jay Parr

I was about twelve, riding the DC Metrobus home from school, when a woman started complaining loudly about another woman breastfeeding her baby on the bus. I didn’t see anything, so I don’t know if the nursing mother was covered up or not, but that’s irrelevant here. The complaining woman made her way up to the driver, a taciturn and tough-looking man who looked like he would as soon cut your throat as say hello (I remember him because he drove that route often). He focused on the afternoon traffic as the woman complained, until he came to a light and she demanded, “Well? Aren’t you going to do something?”

The driver looked out at the cross traffic for a moment, absently drumming his fingers on the fare box, then turned to the woman and shrugged.

“Baby’s hungry.”

I can’t say for certain that the woman immediately…

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Molars are Devil’s Teeth

The little white buds that are beginning to cut through my little one’s gums are the devil in disguise. First all the corners cut through, and there are FOUR of those on EACH TOOTH. And there are EIGHT molars in total? Eruption is the perfect word for them bursting through our lives.

baby teething order

{ image from Essential Baby }

Obviously, I had a bad night. Probably not as bad as Lil Mochi though. We slept on and off, but he woke up here and there crying out in pain, then realizing I was next to him, he nurses back to sleep. Being able to still nurse him is my saving grace. And being in a Wonder Week of Principles is not helping this teething business one bit. He is adorably mature during the day, but not so much at night.


This led me to have a little spat with hubby this morning as he drove me to work. (He has the day off. Lucky.) I just wanted to relax to the music on the radio, and he switched channel to sports radio. As in, I-had-been-watching-49ERS-non-stop-since-yesterday-and-I-need-to-hear-more-about-them radio station. Sorry, I snapped. I could not help it.

Sorry, honey. I could not control myself without a full night of sleep. I understand that their loss meant a great deal to you, but I was just cranky and DID NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO MORE SPORTS!!

I digress… As I was saying, molars are evil. And I heard that incisors are even worse. Wish me luck. Sarah @ Nurshable and her WIO tribe have been keeping me sane during awake time. Are your little one teething too? Want to commiserate?